Welcome to softsnow; a small personal site here on Neocities to help my ongoing journey to heal my love for "being online." Social media sucks and algorithms are a digital disease. Love live the energy and excitement of the early web.

As you will be able to tell, this site is very much unfinished. Lots of broken links and Lorem Ipsum ahead. Thanks for your interest and patience while I hodge-podge all of this together. It's been so long since I've coded and I'm having a blast, but I'm also not... fast. Leisurely pace vibes over here, lol.

Thanks for stopping by, internet denizens!

This is version 1.0 of softsnow, featuring commissioned art of my precious fursona by rabbitfears. Please support your local soft creatures artists.

Throughout my site I'll be using gifs and pixel art sporadically for aesthetics. The looq. Hover and click the images for the artist credit! Unfortunately when it comes to some of the larger pixel archives, the original artists are sometimes lost in space, but I will include pixel archive links on my links page. If I've missed any direct credit, please let me know. Thank you! :3

WARNING!: There will be flashing and blinking gifs on this site.

site updates

November 2, 2023: It's been a minute since I've been able to work on my site. Currently changing things around in txt files on my computer, so there will be quite a few broken page links!

August 9, 2023: Absolute bare bones are up. Fuck it, we're doing it live, etc etc.